A revolution in Web application security.

webApp.secure™ LiveCD Edition





webApp.secure™ LiveCD provides rock-solid, proactive protection against a virtually unlimited number of sophisticated Web application manipulation attacks.

Proprietary web/insite™ technology automatically identifies how a Web application was intended to be used. These Intended Use Guidelines™ are then strictly enforced to dramatically reduce the risk of compromise.

Attacks against application business logic such as SQL injection, URL parameter-tampering, and cookie-tampering (just to name a few) are completely mitigated.

The LiveCD ISO image (less than 7M) can be used to boot any x86-based system from CD as a single-purpose hardware appliance, or with your favorite VM software as a virtual appliance.

You are welcome to use webApp.secure LiveCD free of charge in the lab as a way to become familiar with Web application firewall technology; in the classroom for a hands-on learning experience; or even in production environments (recognizing the limitations detailed here).

Upgrade to webApp.secure Professional Edition and enjoy all the protection offered by LiveCD in a commercial-grade, production-ready package.