Of course, at this price there are some limitations…

webApp.secure™ LiveCD Edition





Limited NIC support

NIC support is limited to basic Intel and RealTek NIC types.

Dynamic IP address

A dynamic IP address is assigned at boot using DHCP. There is no facility to assign a static IP address.

IPv4 only

IPv6 is not supported. Limited to IPv4.


Syslog is not supported.

Log file sizes

Alert (XML file of blocked requests) and activity (plain text file of HTTP traffic) log file sizes are limited to 1M each.

Listen IP address

The listen IP address cannot be specified. It defaults to all available IP addresses.

Bind IP address

The IP address on which to bind when connecting to the Web server cannot be specified. This is a practical limitation in very rare situations.

W3C extended logging

No support for standard W3C extended log file format.

SSL certificate

While SSL termination is fully supported, the certificate and key files are not permanently stored and must be re-uploaded after a reboot.

HTTP compression

HTTP compression such as gzip and deflate are not supported.

Intended Use Guidelines™

The dynamically-generated Intended Use Guidelines (rules) are not permanently stored and are lost after power loss or reboot. Please note that the Intended Use Guidelines will be rebuilt automatically during run-time, but you may be required to enable Passive Mode for a period of time to avoid false-positives.

User-defined policies

Some user-defined policies can be more difficult (or impossible) to define in the LiveCD version. Please see the user guide for details.

While wildcard characters such as '*', '#', and '?' are available, regular expressions are not supported for user-defined policies in the LiveCD version.


Because no HDD is mounted (16M RAM disk only), there is no swap, so when physical memory is exhausted, the system may fail.


There is currently no x86_64 implementation available.


Updates are available in the form of a new ISO image. Most of the configuration profile (properties) can be saved to a local storage device and re-uploaded after the update, but all reboot-related limitations listed above would apply.