Outstanding protection. Zero dollars.

webApp.secure™ LiveCD Edition





Intended Use Guidelines™

Positive protection model in the form of Intended Use Guidelines protects you against known and unknown attacks. Gives you peace of mind.

Blocks sophisticated Web application attacks

Effectively mitigates a long list of application-manipulation attacks including SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and cross-site request forgery (CSRF). Keeps your data safe and you compliant.

Instant Web server hardening

Shields your Web server against attempts to exploit over 14,000 common server misconfigurations, as well as an ever-expanding universe of known 3rd-party software vulnerabilities. Minimizes your risk by keeping you one step ahead of attackers.

Get started quickly

Saves you time and money during implementation. Just boot up and run through the 5-step Quick Start process. All this from an ISO image under 7 megabytes!

Real-time e-mail and HTTP alerts

Keeps you informed of attacks as they occur using 2 convenient delivery methods:

  1. E-mail messages to one or more recipients
  2. POST an XML message to an HTTP server

The "POST" option enables enhanced logging to SQL databases and/or triggering other alert mechanisms.

Detailed activity log*

Extensive HTTP request and response data can be captured in a plain text log file giving you profound insight into your Web activity.

XML-format alert log*

Compatible with a wide variety of analytical tools.

Browser-based administration console

Familiar, cross-platform, standards-based thin-client user interface.

SSL termination

Inspects both encrypted (https) and unencrypted (http) traffic.

Stateful load-balancing support

Ready for high-volume environments that utilize stateful load-balancing technologies.

Full JavaScript interpretation

Minimizes implementation and on-going administration. Saves you time and money.

* 1 megabyte file size limitation.