Full-featured, cost-effective Web application security.

webApp.secure™ Professional Edition



Intended Use Guidelines™

A Positive Protection Model in the form of Intended Use Guidelines (IUG) protects you against known and unknown attacks - no signatures required!  Gives you peace of mind.

Blocks sophisticated Web application attacks

Effectively mitigates a long list of application-manipulation attacks including SQL injection (SQLI), cross-site scripting (XSS), and cross-site request forgery (CSRF) - just to name a few. Keeps your data safe and you compliant.

Instant Web server hardening

Shields your Web server against attempts to exploit over 14,000 common server misconfigurations, as well as an ever-expanding universe of known 3rd-party software vulnerabilities. Minimizes your risk by keeping you one step ahead of attackers.

Real-time network*, e-mail, and HTTP alerts

Keeps you informed of attacks as they occur using 3 convenient delivery methods:

  1. Network pop-up to one or more recipients
  2. E-mail messages to one or more recipients
  3. POST an XML message to an HTTP server

The "POST" option enables enhanced logging to SQL databases and/or triggering other alert mechanisms.

Windows® event/Unix syslog support

Leverages your existing logging strategies and tools.

Detailed activity log

Extensive HTTP request and response data can be captured in a plain text log file giving you profound insight into your Web activity.

XML-format alert log

Compatible with a wide variety of analytical tools.

Browser-based administration console

Familiar, cross-platform, standards-based thin-client user interface.

Easy installation and configuration

Saves you time and money during implementation.

SSL termination

Inspects both encrypted (https) and unencrypted (http) traffic.

Stateful load-balancing support

Ready for high-volume environments that utilize stateful load-balancing technologies.

Full JavaScript interpretation

Minimizes implementation and on-going administration. Saves you time and money.