PCI 6.6 compliance just got a whole lot easier.

webApp.secure™ Professional Edition



webApp.secure™ Professional Edition provides rock-solid, proactive protection against a virtually unlimited number of sophisticated Web application attacks.

Proprietary web/insite™ technology automatically identifies how a Web application was intended to be used. These Intended Use Guidelines™ are then strictly enforced to dramatically reduce the risk of compromise.

Attacks against application business logic such as SQL injection, URL parameter-tampering, and cookie-tampering (just to name a few) are completely mitigated.

webApp.secure PE is available for Windows®, Linux (including IBM® System i, p, & z), Solaris, Mac OS X, and QNX® running any Web/application server (IIS, Apache, WebSphere®, etc.).

A FREE, no obligation 45-day trial is available for immediate download.

This "try-n-buy" approach makes it easy to see the types - and frequency - of attacks currently flowing unhindered through your perimeter defenses.